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Project Description
A sample security application that uses Microsoft Account (Identity Provider), WebAPI (Service Layer) and EntityFramework (Data Access Layer).

Initially the main goal will be to hone my Entity Framework skills. I am relatively new to Entity Framework and am hoping to get feedback on my modeling and querying approaches to this common requirement.

Later on, I hope to figure out how to leverage Azure's ACS to provide user's security tokens to the service layer. I hope to enable the service layer to decrypt those tokens and acquire the user id using attributes on the controllers' actions. My initial thought is that I want the attributes to demand a permission named after the controller action to which it is applied.

The goals of the project may change a bit over time, but I am really looking forward to buttoning up my approach to this common requirement and leaving myself and others an implementation to reference.

I also see this project as my first contribution back to so many communities that have helped me out in the past. I hope others find it useful.

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